Resolute Audio 是 Profusion 品牌,专注于开发 DSP 和音频控制模块,非常适合有源扬声器、网络麦克风、小型混音器和会议系统等产品。

它们可以与 AES67/SMPTE2210 或 AVB 音频流等 AoIP 模块一起使用,并将提供 AES70 控制和监控功能。

Resolute Audio is a Profusion brand focused on developing DSP and audio control modules ideally suited for products such as powered speakers, networked microphones, small mixers and conference systems.

They can work alongside AoIP modules such as AES67/SMPTE2210 or AVB audio streaming, and will provide AES70 control and monitoring functionality.

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