ConversDigital 总部位于韩国,是专注于高端消费音频市场的高质量音频流技术的领先供应商。他们提供的硬件模块可用于从媒体集线器到 Wi-Fi 扬声器的产品,并支持用于智能手机和平板电脑的 mconnect 控制应用程序。

ConversDigital 支持所有主要的流媒体服务、文件格式和连接标准,包括:Spotify、VTuner、Deezer、DLNA、TIDAL、qobuz、Airplay、roon、MQA 等。

适用于 iOS 和 Android 的 mconnect 控制应用程序将同步向多个扬声器同时播放高分辨率音频。

ConversDigital, based in South Korea, are a leading supplier of high quality audio streaming technology focused on the high end consumer audio market. They offer hardware modules to be used in products from media hubs to wi-fi speakers, as well as supporting the mconnect control app for use on smart phones and tablets.

ConversDigital support all key streaming services, file formats, and connection standards including: Spotify, VTuner, Deezer, DLNA, TIDAL, qobuz, Airplay, roon, MQA and more.

The mconnect control App for iOS and Android will play high resolution audio to multiple speakers simultaneously with synchronisation.

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