Archwave 生产 uNET 系列的 AoIP 网络接口模块。这些模块支持用于音频传输的 AES67,以及用于网络发现的 Ravenna 和 SAP。支持广泛的采样率。

平衡输入和输出级,例如 THAT1206 InGenius 和 THAT1606 OutSmarts 是模拟域的绝佳接口,可防止不需要的噪声进入系统。

P1690 降压稳压器的额定电压为 65V,非常适合与以太网供电 (PoE) 一起使用。

Archwave produces the uNET range of AoIP network interface modules. These modules support AES67 for audio transport, as well as Ravenna and SAP for network discovery. A wide range of sample rates are supported.

Balanced input and output stages such as the THAT1206 InGenius™ and THAT1606 OutSmarts™ are an excellent interface to the analogue domain, and will keep unwanted noise from entering the system.

The P1690 step-down regulator is rated at 65V, ideal for use with Power over Ethernet (PoE).

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