THAT Corporation 生产一系列专为高性能麦克风设计的 IC,用于现场扩声、广播、录音和会议系统。我们推荐了 THAT1583 和 THAT1580,它们与需要远程或自动控制的增益控制 IC 范围兼容。

626x 系列是一种一体化解决方案,非常适合低功耗是关键要求的便携式或 USB 供电产品,因为只需要 30mW 的功率。这些部件的噪声也非常低 (-126dBu EIN) 并且是数字可控的。


THAT Corporation produces a range of specifically designed ICs for high performance microphones as used in live sound, broadcasting, recording and conference systems. We recommended the THAT1583 and THAT1580, which are compatible with the range of gain control ICs where remote or automatic control is required.

The 626x series is an all-in-one solution, ideal for portable or USB powered products where low power is a key requirement, as just 30mW of power is needed. These parts are also very low noise (-126dBu EIN) and are digitally controllable.

Very low noise op-amps are also popular for microphone preamplifiers. The NJM2122 and NJM8830 are a good choice.

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