DREAM 生产各种功率和功能各不相同的 DSP,使其适用于键盘、电钢琴、鼓和许多其他乐器。为了帮助设计,DREAM 提供了许多可授权的代码库,其中一些是免费的,以及用于创建和编辑您自己的示例的工具。还有各种开发套件和评估板可用。

DREAM DSP 内装满了有用的外设,并带有片上 RAM。如果您需要额外的内存来进行长时间的延迟或处理,请使用 APS1604M。

USB 充电器 NJW4119 是另一个需要考虑的 IC。

DREAM produces a comprehensive range of DSPs that vary in power and functionality, making them suitable for keyboards, electric pianos, drums and many other instruments. To aid design, DREAM offers numerous licensable code banks, some of which are free, as well as tools to create and edit your own samples. There is also a wide range of development kits and evaluation boards available.

The DREAM DSPs are packed full of useful peripherals and come with on-chip RAM. Use the APS1604M if you require extra memory for long delays or processing.

The USB charger NJW4119 is another IC to consider.

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