Netsol 提供一系列 SRAM、NAND FLASH 和其他存储器。他们的内存 IC 有至少 10 年的产品供应保证,这降低了过时的风险(这是为智能手机设计的 IC 的常见问题)。

精密时钟是必不可少的组件,NJU6385 是目前最好的石英驱动器 IC,几乎为零抖动(典型值为 0.05ps)。

其他需要考虑的部分是 1580-5173 数字可控麦克风前置、SAM5916 DREAM DSP 和 uNET STANDARD AES67 音频接口。

平衡输入和输出级,如 THAT1206 InGenius 和 THAT1606 OutSmarts 将不需要的噪音排除在数字域之外,从麦克风到扬声器。

Netsol offers a range of SRAM, NAND FLASH and other memory. Their memory ICs have a minimum 10-year product supply guarantee, which reduces the risk of obsolescence (a common problem with ICs designed for smart phones).

A precision clock is an essential component and the NJU6385 is the best Quartz driver IC available, with virtually zero jitter (0.05ps typical).

Other parts to consider are the 1580-5173 digitally controllable mic pre, SAM5916 DREAM DSP and the uNET STANDARD AES67 audio interface.

Balanced input and output stages like the THAT1206 InGenius and THAT1606 OutSmarts will keep unwanted noise out of the digital domain, from microphone to loudspeaker.

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