uNET STANDARD 和 uNET MINI 模块可用于创建可扩展的数字网络,从几个代表到大型网络。

THAT6266 是一款麦克风前置放大器,在 -8dB 至 +34dB 的范围内具有数字控制功能,之后可以在不降低质量的情况下以数字方式添加增益。对于低成本系统,NJM2783 前置放大器具有自动电平控制 (ALC)。

SAM5504B DSP 具有语音处理算法,包括噪声门、反馈消除和压缩,为扬声器带来清晰度。

The uNET STANDARD and uNET MINI modules can be used to create scalable digital networks, from just a few delegates to large scale networks.

The THAT6266 is a microphone preamplifier with digital control over a range of -8dB to +34dB, after which gain can be added digitally without losing quality. For lower cost systems the NJM2783 pre-amp has automatic level control (ALC).

The SAM5504B DSP has voice processing algorithms that include noise gates, feedback cancel and compression, bringing clarity to the speaker.

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